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Training the next generation of cybersecurity experts

The UK registered and accredited International Cybersecurity Institute (ICSI) was created in response to two distinct demands in the market. On the one hand, cybersecurity is an important issue of growing concern around the world. And yet, the shortage of qualified professionals is widely acknowledged, as the industry struggles with ever-increasing breaches in security. On the other hand, academic qualifications provided by universities are often more focused on theoretical knowledge rather than practical, hands-on training.

Filling the gap with real-life training

This is where ICSI bridges the gap between theory and practice, by providing a series of accredited professional qualifications in cybersecurity, which take a more empirical approach to learning, by emphasizing hands-on training in specialised hosted labs that simulate real-life security scenarios.

And to make it even easier for young graduates or active professionals to gain expertise in cybersecurity, wherever they are and at their own pace, our Live Online Learning process combines distance learning with live online instructor-led sessions.

Our students have unlimited access to our ‘real-world’ labs for ongoing practice, while our certification exams are performance-based, rather than multiple choice.

As a result, students who complete our courses are well equipped to tackle practical problems from day one, both in terms of solving problems and producing the necessary reports for further action.

Master’s degree in Cybersecurity

Equally important is the fact that our Springboard package of three professional qualifications ( CPT, CDFE, and CIP) are fully accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK. As such, they serve as an ideal basis for those who wish to pursue a MSc degree in Cybersecurity from UCLAN – with a head start of 60 credits.

Our association with UCLAN offers prospective students the opportunity to combine CREST and GCHQ accredited professional qualifications with a UK university post-graduate degree.

Professional qualifications

For those who are not aiming for an academic degree, our accredited professional qualifications are recognised as valuable credentials in their own right in the cybersecurity industry. Find out more about our courses and get started, with confidence, on a successful career in the exciting and rapidly developing world of cybersecurity.

  • CDFE (Certified Digital Forensics Examiner)
  • CPT (Certified Penetration Tester) with CREST accreditation
  • CIP (Cybersecurity Certified ISO 27001 Professional) with GCHQ accreditation
  • CMSS (Certified Mobile Security Specialist)
  • CWPT (Certified Web Penetration Tester)
  • CWSS (Certified Wireless Security Specialist)


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